EEF-501c™ works relentlessly to assure its resources, programs, products and services are available to all 501cs. We innovate to establish assets that are unreachable, and will be replicating all our resources, assets, program operations in as many languages as their is a demand for, period.

New launches for 2024 include several membership entities.

We’ve established The National Chamber for Tax Exempt Small Business (NCTSB)™, a stakeholder

focused chamber, The Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneurs (ATESE)™, a Peer-to-Peer leadership Association for the Founders of 501c’s, and The 501c Startup & Small Business Collective (501cSBC)™, our solutions impact forum we’re publishing as a weekly podcast.

Other charitable entities including our Helping Hand Fund, Podcasting Business Center & Federal Credit Union & our Fellowship Academy on Leadership & Business Continuity are also in pre-launch phase, many will go live in 2024.

Our memberships are intended to develop peerage among 501c startups & entrepreneurs entering the small business market, foster their RECOGNITION & ACCEPTANCE AS BUSINESS CONCERN, provide a networking platform where they can speak freely and to create visibility for the markets their missions will serve.

Coupled with our other Charitable entities, these peer groups will help us create resources that will ultimately eliminate gaps to business assets that simply should not be there.

As new 501c’s themselves, each Membership entity are being Fiscally Sponsored by The Foundation with other Awardees so their official launch can occur at any time. We are planning several launches for 2024 as part of the 10-year anniversary of EEF-501c™ going from volunteer work to a legally recognized 501c, serving as its work Fiscal Sponsor not just partnering to assistant peer fiscal sponsors.

We’ve had inquiries about joining and despite not yet having leadership in place, EEF-501c™ and our parent the 501c Business Incubator Council™ has decided to accept membership applications early.

A Pre-Launch Membership Package which will bundle the Chamber, Founders Assn and Impact Solutions Forum has been drafted for review.

Feel free to visit to learn more about each org, the Pre-Launch Membership Package and other details will be published only on the Membership website, so stay tuned!