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Empowerment Programs, Financial Assistance & More

Empowerment Programs

A Leg-Up for 501c Startups™ (501cLegUp™) is an empowerment service to showcases the work of tech charities in startup mode. It also provides them with Student Interns for training & mentorship
800 Blow Off Some Steam is a client support elevated to a Business Executive Venting Service
Academic Partnership Initiative (API). Partnerships with US Institutions to place their Student in their Tech & Communication Programs in Yr-long Internships with US & Our Startup/Small Biz Program Awardees

Financial Resources

501c Federal Credit Union (501cFCU) was formed as a dedicated banking institution to serve 501cs in startup mode, entrepreneurs & small businesses who needs are ignored or refused everywhere else.
Our Chartering process has been underway and we look forward to helping succeed. Letters of Support Welcome!
Stripe Partnership Link Coming Soon
ROK Financial is a respected Financial Brokerage we Partnered with to help your small businesses connect to/secure lending & other financial services while we await completion of our FCUs Chartering process.
They are quick, thorough, resourceful, helpful, honest, and ready to help you secure a loan product with the CORRECT lending partner, not just any lender looking to make $$ off you.


Online Retail Store

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Incubator & Foundation Store (Only Pre-Orders this time)

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We’re setting up our own in-house Print Shop to meet our growing internal needs & for all the varied types of co-branding we’ll be offering. S&H billed once its ready to go.

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